tail light goes on when hot

hello, ive just got a VF 1000 F2 and the tail light comes on when the motor is hot. what could be the problem

Does the taillight warning light(to the right of the rev counter)come on with the ignition then go off after a few seconds?

YES. light goes out quickly

Hello bif, what do u think this could be?

A defective tail light sensor?

Dont think so, happend after a traffic jam. Light came on, revs stayed up at 8000 also after i let go of the grip. And 60 seconds later everything went dead. 5 minuten later everything came back on a d i drove away. It feels like a cooling problem

So the temperature went up,did the fans cut in?
Was it only the tail light that came on?ie no other lights at all
Have you checked for any obvious damage to the loom?
One connector to check sits under the regulator behind the left side panel and links the alternator to the regulator.
If this connection is bad and the fans cut in the extra load can make things go a bit haywire.
As the tail light is connected directly to the rest of the lighting circuit I would have expected other lights to be effected too
Regards Bif

Thanks bif, looking into it.