Tap, tap, tapety tap

Hi I warmed up the FF yesterday before starting some winter work. She started OK but after a few mins started tapping loudly from seemingly from the front cylinders. Fearing cam issues I shut down. Checked the oil and restarted, all OK.

Odd. I left her to cool down then started again after a few mins or a little rev tap tap returns. Once turned off and restarted all OK again. Any one seen this issues is it cam chain or tensioner related or oil flow. I have the feeling its chain or tensioner and restating the bike some how un-sticks something.

This sounds a little like what mine does and I’m 99% sure is related to the starter motor (I’ve checked everything else). My bike was laid up for best part of 5 years and did what you describe I was confident that everythimg was as it should be. I changed the starter clutch as I was told this may be causing it but the old clutch was fine and the noise continued with the new one. I bit the bullet and continued to run it carefully and sympathetically and the noise reduced and went away over the course of a few weeks/tankful of petrol. This was my experience and please don’t consider this a diagnosis of the problem but I hope it helps.