Thanks Scratcher

Cheers my man.
All makes sense now. Black pipe was original breather and crankcase breather is clear and slightly larger diameter and exactly where you said.

Now I’ve got to find a way of attaching the V rad fairing properly as one of the lugs is broken, so the fairing is only held on properly at one side. I’ve taped it for now, but suggestions welcome…

Can’t help ya there mate, I got an old VF1000FE (the first 1000cc v4 of the range) only has a top fairing and the engines on show in all it’s glory(or will be when it’s finished!!!

Hello from Finland Smudge,

Good choise, those BolDo’rs are not very common things today, I think they never were… I have done new fittings to my V-shaped rad fairing in thin aluminium sheet. Not the most beautiful solution, but it works, and no one can see them. I can take a picture and send it to you, if you wish.

A pic would be really helpful. You can email me at I wil send you some pics of my bike too!


Hello, Scratcher

Sorry for long silence, I was on work trip in France past week. I go to garage, and send you a photo. I sent a general pis of my boldor to you email already.
BR Pekka

Done, hope they help. Ugly but works