This months BIKE magazine

In this months BIKE they have 50 Coolest bikes, there are several different headings, under used cool the winner is a BMW R1150GS or is that actually a tractor and shouldn’t have been admittted it? However, also under 3 cool retros is yes the one the only VF100R</font id=“red”>, One small point its an RE that’s shown which I DO believe was 1984 and not 1985(sad or what), I would also love to see a Goldwing get as much interest as my RE. Next up is the NS400R after that it’s something called a Suzuki not sure what they are but then who really cares?

So there we are if you own a VF your now officially cool.

Be safe, be happy and don’t let anyone put you down

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Next up is the NS400R

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Fame at last [:)]


1988 NS400R
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