Throttle cable routing

Hi all,

I had the unfortunate event of my gas cable (pull), breaking during my last ride. I bought a new one and started to taking things apart to see if I can replace it. Now I believe I see that the cable goes underneath the ventilation system correct? So I removed the tank, do I also need to remove the whole air cleaner case to get to the cable and connection point? What is the best way to replace a gas throttle cable?

Thanks! Cheers Dennis

The air box needs to be removed but the lower alloy section can stay in place.
Disconnect the throttle grip and manually open the throttle fully to fit the new cable end

Hi Bif,

Thanks for the quick answer! Inremoved the airbox, but i dont see anyway to get to where the gascable is connected, since the alloy part is on the way…image

Remove the plate that holds the fan wires,one screw secures the top of it.
It’s a bit of a fiddle but you can disconnect the pull cable without removing the carbs