Throttle stop screw

Hello all has anyone got a throttle stop screw and extension for a Bol D’or?

I went to adjust my old girl’s tickover and found it to be siezed solid and I fear the only way forward is to drill the old one out.

Here’s hoping

Ive got one I think. Let me know exactly which bits you need ( photos ?) and Ill post them off.


Thanks very much. Would the the part numbers be ok until I can figure out how to upload? Thanks again.

Yea, lets give it a go.


Hi buddy. I got this off the parts list for the R which is available on this site.
From Grid C7 it is part number 9 - Screw Set B.
The one fitted on the R may not be exactly the same but the type fitted to the Bol looks much the same.
Thanks for all your help.

OK so its just the flexi screw bit with the knob on the end you want ?

Send me your email address to and I`ll post it off.


Yes buddy. I think there is a screw which is on a flexi-extension and a knob on the end.
My best