Top end oil feed from oil cooler pressure line?

Hi again Gurus,
has anyone taken their top end oil line from the pressure side of the oil cooler feed? I`m fitting the F2 pump and cooler to my (Aus) 85 VF1000F, and thought I may be able to tee off a line to feed the top end, and would use the original (larger dia) steel line for most of the job.
Any advice would be appreciated!

The oil cooler circuit isn’t filtered. Also, there is no pressure regulation on that circuit as far as I can make out from looking at the oil circuit diagram but I’m not sure if that’s such an issue.

Hi speedy…
There have been a number of people suggested using the oil cooler outlet to feed the cams more oil than the standard set up… I don’t know if anybody actually tried it… to me, the main issue would be the lack of an oil relief valve… I would be concerned that too much pressure could build up, and with nowhere for it to escape could potentially hydraulic lock the oil pump or blow the seals out of the internal delivery pipe, either of which is not good…

Hi Speedy,sounds like you would want to tee into the supply line and retain the cooler?
The problem would be zero feed to the heads as the cooler offers no restriction to flow with an open return to the sump.
Oil will always follow the path of least resistance.
Regards Bif

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Hmmmmmm… :frowning:

Well there goes that not so brilliant idea…(shrugs resignedly and walks back out into very cold shed)…

Thanks anyway brains trust :slight_smile:

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