top yoke help

Hi guys does anyone know of a top yoke that will take standard handle bars and fit a vf1000 bottom yoke and stem and accept the front forks, Pete this may be up your street mate

Hi Paul. … I tried quite a few different yokes and none were the same… there’s a bloke in Scotland who makes one off yokes . I sent him some drawings but he never got back to me with a price, I think he prefers to make full sets rather than just top yokes…

What about the dullville setup you had on your FF/FE Pete,it would require relocating the fuse box though
Regards Bif

cheers for the help guys will try and locate a dulville yoke set

hi paul,
sorry for the late reply, the deuville top yoke cant be used with the vf bottom yoke, the distance between the fork legs is exactly the same as the vf but the offset is different, so you would need to use both top and bottom deuville yokes, the steering stem is slightly shorter so you need to either get an engineering firm to push a vf stem into the bottom yoke or extend it, the other minor issue was the steering lock, you would need to make some spacers to go between the ignition lock and the yoke so that the steering lock tongue lines up… and the fuse box issue…

paul, you can have the deuville top and bottom yoke set and the extended cbr600 fuse box if you want to give them a try… PM me and ill box them up and send them off