HELP - I need a top yoke for a '95 VF1000FF, due to some knuckle dragging genius rendering the one on my bike scrap, would be willing to buy bottom as well if right price.
Located in New Zealand.


would a 1987 model vf1000ff be the same

there is a full set of forks and both yokes on eBay…

No, they are quite different. Sure, they would fit but what about the fuse box, the ignition switch and the top yoke cover?

Put us a picture of what you need,it will save any confusion over the part you need
Regards Bif

Thanks guys, I’ll try put a photo up in next coupled of days.

Got one here Yorky,PM me to sort price and delivery
regards Bif

BIF, hopefully these will confirm ?

That’s the one Dave

YAY ! ;D
I’ll PM my address and you can let me know postage.

It’s in the post,it was £11 to send and will be with you in about 6 days
Regards Bif

Fantastic, cheers Bif.
If you e-mail me payment details I’ll put through on Friday.