TRAC adjuster knob

Does anybody have a TRAC adjuster knob, Honda pn 51558MK3003?

I had one, but made the mistake of giving it to the guy who was doing the paint job along with a few other spares, and the idiot’s lost it.


I have s couple NOS of the silver version of this . Where are you located?

Hi, I’m based in Lincolnshire.

How much would you be prepared to let one go for?

@ChrisB did you end up finding one? I have one on an old set of forks that I am pretty sure are trashed… The forks I mean.

Hi, Chris,

No, not found one yet.


You can have mine if you pay shipping. I don’t know what it would cost to ship it to you. Also I’d have to figure out how to remove it without damaging it.

Thanks Chris.

In theory, removal is a simple case of removing the set screw, and then teasing it gently off the shaft.

The reality may be slightly different if it’s been on for a while.

Does the knob you have have an in tact dial?

How can I get the shipping costs to you?

Thanks again.