Twin Headlight Troubles

Ok so i got rid of the problems of my vf1000rf**** not starting and now i also got the twin headlight from the RG. I decided to replace the single with the twin. I posted before about this but i want a few more opinions. What do i need to mount the twin headlight in the single headlight bike? Also if you know what i need do you have it for sale?

Hi fedon glad starting problems sorted. Twin headlamp looks much better than single. I was lucky when I did mine because bike was completely stripped and I got a wiring loom for twin headlight model of Ebay quite cheaply and fitted that, if bike is already done and new loom not an option you need to fit two relays behind the fairing that use the 12v from switch gear to operate and a new 12v supply ran from the battery for the power to headlights. One relay turns lights on the other is for high beam, the original loom wont handle the higher current drawn especially on high beam. You also need new mounting brackets, these appear to be very rare, I made my own but headlamp beam is a little low, not too bad and maybe alright if adjusted using the screws under the unit, it’s never caused me any problems so have left it as it is. If you are reasonably competent at electrics you can buy the relays from a motor factors or even halfords, you need 1 relay with a normally open contact rates at 10 amps or higher to turn lights on and 1 relay with normally open and normally closed contacts rated at 20 amps or higher. If you are going to do it yourself I will tell you what wires go where when you have relays and cable ready also an inline fuse rated at 20 amps.


first of all thanks for the info. I will look into everything you have said after i strip the bike down and i will update you if i need anything. You were very helpful. Thanks

If you are stripping everything down I would recommend seeing how much the correct loom would cost, Ebay prices vary considerably so don’t buy first one you see unless it’s cheap of course. I paid £30 last year but it needed a few repairs and was missing the bulb holders for headlamp but was easily fixed.