tyres & forks

Hi there. What tyres are people running? I’ve a bol d’or and the tyres are very worn. Also my forks are quite bouncy. What oil should I use? The manual says ATF which these days is a bit vague. I did think about fitting some more modern forks is there a simple conversion where I can keep the original front wheel, mudguard and brakes?
Thanks for your help.

for the forks I use red AFT fluid for transmission

I have used Bridgestone Battlax BT45:s before, but now I have Michelin Pilot Road 2:s. Not exactly right sizes, but close enough, they feel better, and seem not to wear as much.
I still use ATF oil in forks, with no problems. I updated front springs to Hagons, feels better now.

Avon road rider tyres are really good on the Bold’or.They transformed mine and it was running Metzeler’s before.