I have been wondering about tyres for a while, so i sent off an e mail to MCN, got the following reply from Bryn Phillips of Cambrian Tyres via MCN and have their permission to post on here, thought it might be useful.

<Radials for the big VF1000F are not made by anyone these days, so it has to be crossplies. As you’ve found out, the Avon Roadrider suffers with poorer tread life than all of the other tyres in this sector largely because it has higher grip levels. I always recommend it to those who are looking for a more high-grip orientated tyre, but never to riders who are looking for more of an all-rounder with greater mileage potential.
Of the all-rounders there’s not much to choose between any of them when you look at the usual performance criteria, so the Bridgestone BT45, Continental ContiGo, Michelin Pilot Activ and Metzler Lasertec would all be good choices with the nod going to the Lasertec for durability.
But earlier this year Dunlop launched their StreetSmart, which is basically a revision of their old GT501 tyre with a new compound. If I sound cynical I don’t mean to. The GT501 was already a good tyre with performance somewhere between the Roadrider and the rest and durability at least as good as the likes of the BT45 and ContiGo. And although it’s too soon to say how the StreetSmart will stack up against the Lasertec on mileage I can imagine that with the compound improvements it will be knocking on its door. However we do have some feedback on the wet weather performance of the Dunlop and it’s all positive, so looking at the time of year and knowing how well its predecessor performed I’d be tempted by the Street Smart,

I agree with their opinion although I do not like the BT45 lack of feeling and the Pilot Activ slippery handling on the wet… My VF1000R SC16 runs on an Avon RR at the front and a BT23 at the rear while my VF1000F/G relies on Road Smart II on both wheels.

Hi All,
Throwing my 2 bob in where it is not needed, I use the Lasertec on everything, love the grip and performance and they last a fair while. Whilst i have not clocked them, i have a pair on the XR600 that did 3 years and 2 trips to Phillip Island and still going and am only on the first set for the VF. The XR600 handled brilliantly at 200km/h and warp speed around the corners at Oran Park before the track closed down and the ‘HO’ seams to love them wet or dry. Every time i go out riding with my brothers and mates, i usually can count about 40% of bikes using the Lasertec’s. I like em, I like em a lot.

I use Pilot Road 2 and 3 radials, with slightly different size. No problems so far.