ultrasonic cleaning

Teambif took delivery of a 5 litre ultrasonic bath today.Our intention is to strip and clean a spare set of R carbs we have which realy are in a state.Once done we will fit them to our F2 and see how we go.Am thinkin its gonna be a steep learning curve.We will keep you all posted BIF

Hi Biff

Just Interested in what fluid goes in the bath with the carbs?

I had an opportunity to buy an used, big ultrasonic cleaner, and for first set of carbs I used simpe water added with some dish washing liquid stole from kitchen. Results were quite good, although I am going to test commercially available special liquids.

I have one as well, they were having a big cleanup at work and were going to throw it out!

They also work a treat for cleaning jewelery, so you can use it to win some brownie points with the missus too!

We are using a fluid from www.allendale-group.co.uk specific for carb cleaning.This is mixed with water at 10/1.Carbs 1 and 3 are now finished and photographed next to 2 and 4 to show before and after.I will post pics as soon as I have time BIF