Unidentified seal

Am just starting to reassemble the steering stem on my 1984 VF1000R. Along with the lock nuts there is a seal that is similar in looks to the top seal but smaller. See the photos - the seal appears to be worn down on the lip and missing rubber. This seal will fit over the threaded parts of the stem but no further. It does not appear on the parts fische either. I have the top and bottom seal but can anyone identify this seal and where it might belong? I do not have a grease holder ring either - is this important?

20201011_161512 20201011_161529 20201011_161545

Are you using original bearings or replacing with taper roller type?

When I opened her up the bearings were already tapered and the grease retainer missing and that odd seal in the mix.

Taper roller kits don’t include a grease retainer only a top and bottom seal.The top seal looks more like the one you have there as the standard one is too deep and fouls on the top bearing race

Ok - I have the top and bottom seal and the lock nuts but no idea where this seal has come from or where it fits. Much smaller diameter than top seal. There were so many missing and mismatched nuts/bolts on this bike when I bought it that I wouldn’t be suprised if it came from another bike.:astonished: