Unknown leaver inbetween frame connected to rear s

Can someone please tell me what this choke style leaver does and how it works

It’s for adjusting the rebound damping on the rear shock. It has 3 settings. Pos.1 is all the way in, pos.2 in the middle and pos.3 pulled all the way out. The handbook states.
1 - Rider only on general public road

2 - Rider + passenger on general public road
Rider only on highway or winding road

3 - Rider + passenger on rough road or highway

Majority of them are usually seized through lack of use, or broken like mine!

Hope this helps.
Andy [8D]

This forum is definitely the best place to get information and parts


Yeh, it’s a good site, but seems to be getting a little thin on visitors lately!!

WE are just enthusiasts with vf1000,s