Used FE silencers

Good usable, better than average condition. No rust. Only a few minor scratches. Listed on ebay, item number 110597079891. Bif’s on the ball cos he’s already asked a question regarding their use on F2 or F2F models. FE for sure and FF possibly. Also will be listing a good used lock set(fuel cap, ignition switch, seat lock and helmet holder lock)once my new old stock ones show up and pass muster! So keep an eye out for them too.[;)]

Hi scratcher,
Seen the silencers listed on ebay and I’am watching.
The NOS lockset you have coming, is this the one from ebay located in USA or Canada, last week - if so I was bidding against you until I took a second look at the fuel filler cap - the key hole cover looks different than the one fitted from new - it looks round on the NOS set as against elongated on the stock set for the FE.

FE silencers dont fit the FF.The mounting hole is not in the same position.I had to make brackets up with holes at 30mm centres to fit the pattern ones i got from Scratcher.The FF and the F2 silencers are the same.

Yeah I noticed that too about the lockset on ebay, but I know a guy in the restoration trade who can change over the lock barrels over if necessary without any damage to the parts. I have a new old stock fuel cap from Dave Silvers which is the correct shape, so I can get the barrels swapped over between those two and have the correct part with the same key for all. I got a matching but used set of locks from ebay a year or so ago, but this bike now has so much new stuff going on it now that even good used parts won’t be up to standard. I spent 4 years looking before I found a NOS genuine left silencer to go with the right side I already had from a source in 06. It’s proving hard but not impossible, with a little patience she should turn out rather nice!

I had ago at swapping the lock barrel on a spare cap I had, the lock barrel is retained by a circlip but to access the circlip you have to remove the cap caseing - this is difficult to uncrimp without damaging the black laquered finish. I ended up spraying it afterwards. The barrel won’t come out through the caseing hole as it is larger in diameter.