VF 1000 FF Blue Parts to sell

Hey all VF Riders,

as You may know, I got two VF 1000. A 1984, first edition and a 1989 FF. I decided to transform my FF from blue to red as I like it much better and I found nice red parts for this project.
I got now all the fairings + fuel tank + seat to sell from the blue one.
The lack on the tank was repaired on some spots already. No big things, but U can see it.
The front fairing will be sold without the windscreen / windschield as I need it for my red fairing.
Just mail me if U are interested in some parts.


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Hi Bif,

Mail received and sent back with a few questions to precise what U need…
I got somebody else for the front fairing, but for sure I prefer to sell the pieces together so if U need them pls mail me back today to discuss.