VF 1000 FF & VF 1000 F - new owner greats U guys

Hey Guys all around,

as a new owner and a new member, let me send you my greatings and best wishes & a safe ride!

I just bought two bikes: VF 1000 F and FF to re-build and wake them up after 16 and 10 years of sleeping in a garage.

I just love these bikes and looking forward to have some great times while repairing and riding them in the future!
Actually I just wanted to buy one, but I got them for 300 and 350 EURs…so could not let them get rusted and be forgotten somewhere behind :wink: :slight_smile:

I am someone with big love for these bikes but far from beeing a pro mechanic :stuck_out_tongue: 8) …so probably needs a lot of advice and tipps from you guys!



you have come to the right place
just ask away 8)

Hello Guys,

I am checking the front wheel on my VF 1000 FF and want to know if it is normal that the wheel is a few mm closer to the left side (driving direction, so when U sit on the bike)?

The mudguard leaves less space on the left side between tire and mudguard than on the right side. Is that normal?
Inside the mudguard the fixation is also a bit different…longer on the right side with two rubber “sealing”, while on the other side there is no rubber… or just missing from my bike.

Somebody could check that or has some info?

Thx a lot!


post a few pictures
it should be dead straight 8)
get a straight plank of wood and hold aganst the rear tyre on both sides going past the front wheel
to see if its straight measure the diference on either side it should be the same distance 8)

I guess I found why it was not in the right position…the previous owner put the front part behind ;D ;D
So I had to turn it and fix it on the normal way around.

Looks fine now! :wink:

you got me more intereststed now
could you explain more what part was the wrong way round
cheers 8)

sure :slight_smile:

the front of the mudguard was positioned behind, so he simply turned and switched the front and the back :)))

this photo I made just after buying the bike and now I see… :o 8)

…sure he was a “pro” :)))

ho ho ho

we need more motorcycle apprenticeships

happy new year for all 8) :-X :o :-* :-*