VF1000 Bol D'or bodywork for sale

I have decided to do something different with my recently acquired VF so all the bodywork is surplus. I have fairing, screen, sidepannels, seat bit, rear numberplate/mudguard bit, vent trims, inside pouches, indicators and lots of other stuff.
I live in Leicestershire, I don’t want to do post as I don’t trust the post - had too much broken stuff in the past.
All the stuff is in primer by a previous owner so needs paint but is in good condition.
Come and have a look and sort out a price. P/M me for details

hi i have a bol which needs fairing panels and would be interested in buying the lot of you. My email address is W_YATES@sky .com,or send me your number & ill call you back thanks Andy Yates

If these do not sell, please let me know. I’d be happy to discuss what you want for the lot, or anything you have left if your other buyer steps up.


I’ve PMed you a few times about this now, and you were going to send some pics?
Still waiting.


what country is Leicestershire in ?