VF1000 FE Rebuild - Classic Motard

Hi guys, its been quite a while away from the forum. My long pending VF1000 rebuild into a Classic Motard / Street fighter, has been dormant and now that all the parts have arrived i have got into the act. Being a purist i wanted to go the concours route but it was going to be too much work so i decided to go with giving her some robust forks, rear shock and upgrade the wheels and tyres. And work my way on the bodywork as i move forward. The VF’s forks are really tall for a sport bike and after measuring several front ends the closest one (nearly the same or short by 1mm) was the Ducati Hypermotard.

The tough part is that the bike has been in bits since 3 years after she was dismantled for restoration and never got to doing it. Finding them right parts is going to be time taking as i didnt label them. And its been crazy sourcing all the upgrades and getting them parts made as being in India, nothing is available locally.

  1. Hypermotard 1100S Front Forks
  2. Hypermotard 1100S Handlebar with Brake/Clutch master cylinders & levers
  3. Hypermotard 1100S Brembo M4 Calipers
  4. Hypermotard 1100S Brake Discs
  5. Hypermotard 1100S Front Wheel - Marchesini
  6. Machined Triple Trees - Made by Jamie of Daugherty Motorsports
  7. Rear wheel conversion to CBR900 with front sprocket - Jamie
  8. Rear CBR900 brake caliper and mount - Jamie
  9. Engine oil lines kit - Jamie
  10. Trail Tech Vapor Digital Speedo

I need to buy the rear disk and other bits.

Although i have been a motorcycle enthusiast all my life, i consider myself a novice when it comes to rebuilds. As the last ones were some 18 years ago on my RD350B and 14 years back on my GS400x. So i will be asking too many question and the help would be greatly appreciated.

The build already has a challenge with the lower tree on the left side nearly touching the frame and on the right it pretty much cuts into the frame half way.

Below photos:

hi, looks like a interesting project, on the standard set up the fork tubes nearly touch on the frame at full lock, just looks like you need to weld a small tag onto the frame stop to reduce the amount of right hand lock,