VF1000 FF for sale on Ebay UK

Hiya, I’ve got a similar story to one of your previous posts on here. I’ve got a VF1000 FF in blue and silver that I’m selling.
Ive owned it for over 9 years, 5 of which it was ridden regularly and it’s now been off the road and in the corner of my garage for the last 4 years or so, as I started riding other bikes and got a taste for ZZR’s (sorry for swearing). Its one of three VF’s that I’ve owned during my biking years so its fair to say that I was an enthusiast.

I’ve seen the slating that people get on here for breaking bikes up and selling the bits lol. Obviously having loved these bikes there is no intention of doing that and the bike is being sold as a runner in one piece, taxed and tested with a new battery and good tyres.

As I would also prefer this bike to go to someone who loves them I thought that advising this sites members of the sale would be a good idea.

Would anyone here be interested?

There is a very honest description on Ebay and the item number is 140366674287

Thanks for taking the time to read.


just a note to wish you good luck selling your bike. had a look on ebay and you shouldnt have a problem its a tidy machine.[:)]

Cheers, its got 22 watchers on it. Just needs someone to hit the bid button lol