VF1000 parts available

I have two VF1000F’s , both in pieces. Any one looking for spares/parts please mail me here. The bikes are in Ireland.

Private message sent

Hi do you have an original toolkit? Cheers

Hi, I may be over in Ireland late August…have you still got the bike parts…is there a list/ pictures, is it a van load left or is it just a question of requesting the individual parts as needed.My bike is the VF 1000 F 84 model .

I would prefer to have the bikes go in one lot so I would suggest a van would help.

Where in Ireland are you?Dont need an address just an area.
I sent a PM asking which models the bikes are and for an idea of condition,reason for stripping and how much you were looking for.
If what you have suits my needs I have no problem collecting the lot in one trip.You can contact me here or by PM,regards Bif

Both bikes are SC15 VF1000F. One is completely stripped with the engine and ancillaries out. The other has the engine in frame but with bodywork stripped. They are as I bought them with the idea of making one bike but as things have turned out I do not have the time available. I am not looking for big money. I would prefer that they go to someone who has the time . If you need any more don’t hesitate to contact me. We are located about 75 miles inland from Dublin.

I need exhaust manifold (box). Have you got this?? I live in England .My post code is WA3 3LT.Could you take me price .

Do you have any body work left

There are some pieces of bodywork available.

Hi just joined this forum I’ve just purchased vf1000re 1984 just hoping has anyone got side panels to cover battery and rectifer many thanks steve

hI, just joined seen you topic, don’t suppose you have a headlight lens for a 1986 vf1000r usa style with the double bulb lens look ? cheers

Is this what you are looking for?/