VF1000 RE rear shock recommendation

Hi , looking to change my rear shock . Could anyone recommend a new shock . Located in the U.K
Thanks in advance .


High Phil I use a wilbers and would highly recommend it, a massive improvement on the standard.

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Yep, as gary says, wilbers the number one choice, I have one on my R, top quality.

Hi guys , thanks for your response . Which one do you use as i see two versions .?
Best place to buy ?

As above,great quality at a reasonable price,I would recommend going for the F2 shock as the extra length really does improve the turn in and does away with the heavy feel of the front end.
regards Bif

I use the wilbers 640, which has adjustable damping, pre load, and plus or minus 5mm height adjustment which equates to 15/20mm at rear wheel,
All the shocks come custom made to your weight, riding style and shock length if you require…

Hi Phil, I’m also looking at the Wilbers as a replacement for my VF1000RF
Did you go for the F2 as suggested by bif?
Many thanks

Hi Pete, I’m just about to order a Wilbers from Zitech. Do you know if anybody has experience of the 540 road with preload only rather than the 640 with preload & rebound adjustment. I’m thinking if I order the 640 I’ll probably never adjust it anyway. Regards Dave G

I could be wrong, but I think vfdave has the 540 on his ff special…

I have an ohlins rear shock with 2 external bottles. One for compression and one for hydraulic preload (makes it really easy) it also has rebound on the shock. It is the ohlins for the VF10000F but it fits exactly like oem. No mods or anything. Hands down best shock you can get, but is is extremely rare nowadays.

Thanks for your replies Pete & Feden. I’ve ordered the 540 from REVS, I just can’t see i’ll ever adjust it so the 640 didn’t seem worth the extra. From the reviews I’m reading the Wilbers compared to the Showa OEM shock is a difference like night & day So I don’t think i’ll be disappointed. plus the Showa had just given up & locked down solid like a hard-tail.

Hi dave, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the wilbers shock, let us know how you go on with it :+1:

Think your right Dave, I have the 640 and have never adjusted it. Worked so well straight out of the box that I didn’t want to mess it up!