Picked up my new VF today, few small, hopefully, jobs and then off for MOT.

Nice one, I actually think yellow suits this bike. I would never have thought of it, but seeing it on your bike makes me consider painting mine this colour.
I hope your small jobs remain minor, I thought that about mine initially and it has surprised me, cam chains, what I thought were leaking fork seals turned out to be a damaged fork leg, then of course I decided I didn’t like the awful colour scheme, LED indicators, exhaust for registration, carb balance, belly pan, body panel repairs, and more to come.
I guess we are naturally optimistic, and need to be if we are to play with these old bikes, otherwise they would just disappear into obscurity.

looks nice in yellow, will look like a flying banana when your out and about on it lol, seem to think ive seen it somewhere else on the net, hope it goes ok

Interesting trailer you have there wdavie! Minimalist but effective.

Thanks guys, Pete the bike had initally sold on ebay in November, but buyer never turneed up so I got it for £300, it won’t be staying yellow though as I want to return it to standard. Trailer is my mate’s but did the job very well, he uses it for his trikes so quite well built. Hoping the bike will need minimal amount of work but prepared for the worst. Just finished building this GS1000 which turned out a lot more difficult than I ever anticipated.

yep, thought id seen it somewhere, 300 smackers, i dont think you can go far wrong there… what year is the gs on, i remember a mate of mine having the gsx850, he was always having to buy new engine cases, he used to ware them out going round corners, one crazy s.o.b.

300 pounds! You didn’t buy that thing…you stole it. Hope all goes well with the flying banana! Keep us posted.

I see it has the standard floppy indicators too.

Spaniel ear indicators are now fixes, bent the brackets back up the way. The GS is a 78 model with the one year only scalloped tank, rare as rocking horse poo tanks and can cost about £500 for a decent one[:0], got the bike in the lock up today and everything seems to work but starter motor too lazy to start it. May whip it out and have it rebuilt. Things look ok so far.

Hi, great looking bike, looks like the one I was going to buy off ebay ,in scotland I think it was, anyway I forgot about the end time and missed it.
looks great squated down like that, a bit like a katana 1100. my vf was that colour when I bought it but more like a banana than that one , mine was even peeling just for effect. still love mine, I now have a 1980 xs750 that I have turned into a grass tracker with kenny roberts colours, great fun to keep the middle age blues at bay.

Took bike for it’s MOT and result passed with no advisories. I have to source a new front tyre as not happy with the one that’s on it, rear has a Pirelli so will be looking for a match for that. Going for the MOT was the first time I have run bike on a road, wow these things have some grunt, need to get soem miles on it now to iron out any issues then see you all at meet in July.

They do go a lot better than they feel,I was out last week and my 45000 miler has the same performance as my mates modern CBR600.He did have the edge in braking and cornering granted but was not blowing me away and he can ride.

Slight bike weight difference as well I think

Well took the bike for a bit of a run last weekend and found a fairly major problem, with the tank full it leaks petrol from the filler cap all over the tank, last owner had butchered the old cap trying to get it off as he’d lost the key, and in the process had damaged the hole that cap fits in thus cap wouldn’t seal properly. Only an issue wehen tank full as petrol sloshes around at top of tank. Tried bending the filler hole to fix it with no joy, solved it by buyin a flexi cap universal filler for £5 which works by screwing the middle which fulls plastic legs up and seals the cap, worked a treat, although it’s green but never mind. Off for a long run tomorrow weather permitting.