VF1000f 1984

I’m new to this site and need Help! My VF100f 1984 will only run on the front two cylinders, Has anybody else had same problem

Hi Eddie,the ignition system is split into two parts,front and rear and consists of 3 main components for each.
1 Ignition pick up inside the clutch casing,this can be tested with a multimeter without removal,if OK
2 Coil mounted on the rear of the air box,the easy test is to swap the feed wires from the other coil and check for a spark while cranking the engine,no spark means the coil is at fault,getting a spark means the 3rd component the ignition unit located in the tail piece in front of the rear light is at fault.
Hope this helps
Regards Bif

hi eddie,

i think bif has nailed all three suspects, I have had this problem before, for me it turned out to be the pulse generators (pick up’s) located behind the clutch cover, and on another occasion it was a broken wire on the cdi units, your model (vf1000fe/ intercepter 1984) has 2 cdi units behind the tool box under the seat, one serves the front cylinders and the other the rear, Although one has a red multi-plug and the other a white one they are inter-changeable, so you could simply unplug and swap them over to see if the problem moves to the other cylinders,
The cdi units are also prone to the wire breaking where it leaves the unit as it bends sharply, if this is the case you can sometimes get the other 2 cylinders to kick in if you jiggle the cdi units/wiring around

Hi Eddie.
had a similar intermittent problem on my 750.
The white unit controls the fuel pump an two cylinders and the red one the Rev limiter and the other two cylinders.
The cdi units ate the same as the 750 units, same ignition curve, the 750 units are more numerous than the 1000 ones for obvious reasons.
I have run the 750 on 1000 ones and visa versa with no issues, also there are two manufacturers design and it doesn’t seem to be any problems swapping between them.
Don’t forget to check that you have power to the coils if you loose continuity on the power and earth wires to the coils you won’t get a spark