VF1000F dogbones

Just entered your forum and i have a question about the dogbones (shock linkage) of the vf1000f and f2. I want to use a yss shock in my 1984 f, but it will not fit. the bottom it to short and the spring hits the swingarm. The shock is made for the 1986 f2. Are there differences between the swingarms or the linkage?


VF2 shocks are longer than VF1000F ones. Also the upper mounting are wider on VF1000F than those of thee VF1000F2. For having both of them, I can say that the lower linkages are exactly the same as I fitted a VF1000F EMC shock on my VF1000F2 and the original VF1000F2 one on the VF1000F…

I had a look at my VF1000F swingarm and, but this may be an optical illusion, it seems that the hole in it is smaller than the one on the F2…

hi jan, welcome to the forum,
as fred says the ff and f2f swingarms are longer than the 1984fe, i seem to remember that the dog bones are also different too, the ff and f2f being bigger than the fe I will have a look tomorrow.

Swingarms are different, dogbones also. Today i got a f2 swingarm + dogbone, but i can not fit the yss in my fe frame. Are the frames also different?


Yes, the frames are quite different… The shock absorber upper fitting is different as well as the S/A .

hi jan,
how long is the yss shock from centre to centre, it should measure 410mm,

It is roundabout 405mm in the shortest setup. You can give 10mm more. There are two pictures at “in the shed”. One of a yss fitted into a fe and one of my shock with the stock shock on the side. I think, the spring is at a wrong position (to deep). It must be more at the top. I have ask the shop where i bought it, but till today no answer.