vf1000f drivability issue

have an 84 vf1000f.
i got the bike home it would hardly run, had been sitting for a while.
pulled the carbs off and cleaned them, and replaced 2 missing springs on the sync shafts.
now the bike starts and idles like a new one.
My issue is when i take it out there is almost no top end power, like it’s running out of fuel.
it’ll climb up to 9 grand but it takes forever.
can anyone help?

Have you checked or changed the fuel filter? May be restricted or clogged. Worth a look.

Also check fuel pump and pipework

check your petrol tank for rust restricting the fuel flow,could be running out of petrol (or Gas as they say in the USA)


Are all the CV diaphragm’s working properly

thanks for all the suggestions, yes the cv diaphragms are working great with no tight spots.
will be running a pump volume test, as well as changing the filter, and checking the tank for rust.

had a longtime bike mechanic get the carbs in tip top shape,he seems to think the advance built into the cdi is not functioning. has anybody had this problem before i spend the money on a different cdi?
does an 84 vf1000f have 1 or 2 cdi boxes?

Never had that problem,only non functioning unit,thats not to say its not possible but highly unlikely methinks prob is elsewhere.[:(]

Thanks for all the help. I feel like an IDIOT, was pulling the tail plastic off to get at the cdi boxes while the bike was idiling, bumped the right side box connector and the bike ramped up to about 3 grand.
pulled the connector apart to tighten the terminals. THE BIKE NOW RUNS LIKE A NEW ONE.

Sounds like it was the green stuff we all hate on electrics
the plating on the connections were low quality [:)]

i had a similar thing happen years ago, was a broken wire where it comes out of the cdi unit, symptons were slightly different, you would be riding along then loose power (2 cylinders dropping out)you would give it some more throtle to compensate, then they would suddenly come back in again, made my cheaks clench when it happened on a roundabout