Vf1000f expert engineer sought

Hi everyone.
My vf (84) has developed cam chain lash again after touring 3600 Miles, I suspect last mechanic didn’t quite get the timing quite right. I’ve sourced parts from Anaconda ( thanks Bif) & David Silver spares. I need to locate a recommended mechanic in East Anglia that can help sort the problem.
Any recommendations??
Many thanks in advance.

Hi Tom,any mechanic worth his salt will manage this,it’s not a complicated engine.
I would look for a one man operation that has a good reputation,do a google search
There are plenty in East Anglia to choose from

Thanks Bif, I do have a place in mind. So it might turn out ok as the guy has got some track record on honda v4 engines. I’ll update on the outcome.

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I had a Kendal stage 4 84 VF1000 also fitted with an 18" rear wheel.
After every 20000Km, the main bearings had to be replaced.
As Bif noted, this is an easy engine to rebuild.
I did the rebuild two times before selling for the 85 VF1000 F2.
I had access to a diesel engine rebuilder injector clean-room.
I was able to do the rebuild in a day. The longest part was getting the parts.