VF1000F Starter Motor

no, not at all it sounded heaps better

Sorry Dean it cranked heaps faster

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My starter was very slow. I changed it for a 750 on a few year back. Now turns over much faster.


Hello gents, just stumbled on this and found it very interesting. Maybe you can help me a bit, my vf1000f2 isnt turning over anymore, it did at lunch and now it just klicks…relais seems to work, battery was passed through a car so enough power, i suspect its the starter motor…i ordered the one you guys are mentioning from the 750.
But, the repair manual says i got to drop the lower radiator to get the starter motor in, is that correct, or is there an easy way of getting it done without too much hassle?
Tia for your help


Me again, I couldnt bring up the patience to wait for an answer so i swung the old toolbox :slight_smile:

Below a short description for all who need to do this:

1.) you need to take off the fairing (VF1000F2 10 bolts total)
2.) loosen the lower radiator to gain easy access(had to change fluids anyways)
3.) loosen the 2 screws on the right of the starter
4.) remove the oil filter(no need to drain oil as above level)
5.) tap on the starter from the left to right with a thin socket extension to release out of engine
6.) unbolt the cable, and out it comes

For Mounting it is obviously reverse… I will probably use the old O ring to make install a bit easier if it goes really hard…

I am now waiting for the new arrowhead 750 starter and hope it solves the issue, the old starter runs when there is no resistance against it, but as soon as you mount it the relais just makes “klack” and sometimes the starter will grind and move if you hit the starter…

Hope this helps someone


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Hi Steve, when I did mine the o ring it came with was very tight so I used the one from old motor as you suggested and it went in with no problems, just a little oil on the o ring to help it along.


thx then i will definitely do the same.

btw. i didnt want to wait for the new one to get here so i took my old starter apart and got all the dirt/grime out, polished the copper with very thin sandpaper and its working again…as I do not trust it though I will change it for the new one anyways…


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Don’t hold your breath if you ordered the new starter from Brooks Barn. I ordered mine two weeks ago and still no sign of it.

I called this morning. They promised to chase it up and call me with an update.

It’s now 16.58, they close at 17.00. It’s not looking likely.

They haven’t responded to emails, either.

Apparently, Covid prevents them from putting the starter in a box, and into a DHL bag.

If you buy a new starter, buy it from somewhere else.

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No Worries, I ordered them from a company in Germany called Zietech, they deliver within 48 to 36 hours i think, anyways I got the old one working again…



Keep us informed Steve :grinning: :grinning:


Good Morning,
Starter got here on Saturday but did not manage to put it in till last monday… it was a bit of a pain to get it in as the cable connector was exactly behind the 2 metal lines in front of the engine…but we got around that…

What did surprise me is that i sometimes have to press the start button twice, the first time it does not seem to engage and runs free, but the second time it will…is this the starter wheel that has an issue as well?
Is it a lot of work changing it, I remember in my Cbr1100XX(before some idiot took my right of way and totalled the bike, and almost myself…) it was easy, remove the engine cover, then you could access the whole starter assembly…I hope it is as simple here as well…

The other thing i noticed whilst changing oil the other day was that there seemed to be no residue in the oil which is good, on the other side only about 2 liters of oil came out(incl. filter), that means either the guy didnt put in enough oil, or she tends to use oil…



Funnily enough mine does exactly the same. Always catches second time. I have checked everything out on mine and all is ok.

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There are definately two and four brush starter motors and also two and four brush kits. Don’t know if that is the difference between the 1000 and 750 motors but four brushes will give better performance than two brush motors.

That’s interesting I just put in a new battery & also changed the clutch plates on my VF1000RE, didn’t remove the clutch basket so nothing was move around gearing BUT since re assembly my starter also seems to spin freely and not engage on first press of the button then on second press the starter engages and she starts.
Mine has the original starter motor in it.
Is this a problem and is there a fix?