VF1000F Wiring issues

I’ve made some mods on some Harnesses, though I might share some.

Saw that a brown wire (12V Return in the Lighting Circuit) was a different Brown Color going in than out.
So unwrapped the harness and found this;

One wire had broke off, probably from me handling, but it shouldn’t.
The 4 Brown+White Stripe wires are bundled into a blob of solder,… awful.
I’ll guess Honda did not do this, probably a Harness made by a supplier, hidden under tape.
I checked all end connectors, cleaned, Soldered (better), Heat Shrink, WD40’d, Taped, Zip Tied,…
The bigger gauge wires get the Soldering Treatment.

This is a restoration of a 84 VF1000Fe.

Good save, that!

I’m not good with electrickery, so I dread having to hunt these kinds of things.