VF1000F2 bol dor for sale

Hi guys,

Decided to sell my VF1000F2 Bol D’or. 1986 C reg, 30500 miles in red.

I’ll post the advert I’ve been using which covers everything:

Up for sale is my VF, I haven’t had it for very long but a change in job requires me to buy a car in its place unfortunately, otherwise I’d keep her. I’m gutted to have to part with her so soon, but needs must.

The bike has 10 months MOT on it, and is taxed until the end of August, so enough for a good bit of fun during the summer!

30500 miles from new, which for a bike of this age is relatively low. It comes alarmed with a Sola-larm 807, full luggage set including original indicators to put back to standard. It has 2 sets of keys, 2 alarm fobs and the workshop manual. It has documentation going back to 1996, with a lot of old MOT certificates and receipts.

It’s had a few things done recently as the person I bought it from had put on 500 miles in 3 years, so very minimal usage. I had the fork seals replaced and the fork oil replaced as they were leaking. It’s had new tyres front and back (Pirelli Diablo Strada), spark plugs, brake pads, stainless steel brake lines front and back, and a new battery as well. The chain looks quite new as well. The bike fires up first time, and is ready to ride away. It just needs used!!

Condition wise, it’s in good shape considering it’s 26 years old. It has a few marks here and there, and a few small scratches on the paintwork, but these are fixable. The fairing is in great condition, and polishes up beautifully. It’s not concours, but with a bit of fettling it will be in remarkable condition. I’ve been asked by most people if it really is a C reg!

Bad bits:

As I stated when I joined, somebody pinched the bike in my first week of ownership and dropped it at the end of my street. they didn’t get it started, and the only real damage was the side panel. It’s been repaired and painted primer red, all it needs is a colour matched paint to finish it. I’m planning on getting this done in the next week or so if it hasn’t sold by then. This is the worst part of the bike I would say.

The silencers are original parts and as to be expected for its age, have corroded where water gathers. I’ve welded them to fix it, and the patch isn’t really noticeable when looking at the bike.

The bike is located in Roslin, Midlothian. I am available for viewings evenings and weekends. Test rides acceptable as long as you can provide an insurance document and leave a full deposit.

Pictures can be found on my flickr page:

I’m open to offers.



Very nice example,same sort of condition as mine.I would like to take it but the timing is not good for me at the moment.If you still have it in 5-6 weeks it will be worth having a conversation.Cheers Alan.

Hi Alan,

I’ll certainly let you know if it’s still up for sale. did you have a price in mind?


Not sure,I paid £1100 for my minter.

Chris would like everyone to know that this bike is now sold.BIF