VF1000F2 Boldor complete with spares for sale - Sydney

Hi All,

I am considering selling my unregistered red 1985 VF1000F2 Boldor and large collection of spare parts. These spares include:

  • 2nd bike - 1986 VF1000FF (in parts but 99% compete)
  • complete brand new fairing and plastics (original fairing and plastics still installed)
  • spare 2nd hand fairing
  • complete brand new engine gasket kit
  • complete brand new carby parts kit
  • an oil modification kit is installed
  • new windscreen installed
  • all parts OEM

I want to sell it all as one package with the intent that someone can restore and maintain the bike as I had intended. I neither have the time, space or money anymore to carry out this task. The bike needs attention and should not be ridden without dropping and replacing the oil, brake fluid, clutch fluid and possibly fuel tank contents. It was last rego’d in 2012.

I was thinking in the order of $5000 for everything. Any interest? Send me an email for more details and photos.

Aaron, someone was bound too write this … " Can you deliver to the UK " ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I know the feeling :slight_smile: only a few of the parts I have accumulated came from Australia. I hate to think how much money I have spent on $hipping :frowning: