Vf1000f2 bol'dor

Anyone recommend a good engine flush as I need to clean out the forward cylinder water jackets as they appear to be choked with rusty crud. When I remove the two front 10mm drain bolts I only get coolant dripping out one side more than the other. regards Paneuro.

I tried Mannol radiator flush which came highly recommended,got next to nothing out of the cooling system.
I dissolved two dishwasher tablets in boiling water and added that to plain water in the system.
Ran up to temp and rode around for half an hour,the crap that came out was unreal

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Thanks I’ll have a go at that, any particular make of tablets? Regards Paneuro.

Whatever is in the cupboard

Hi, I got some today so I will keep you posted on how it goes. I need to get the bleed screw out of the stat housing first. Cheers Paneuro.