VF1000F2 - Front header exhaust pipes - torque settings?

Hi, I am about to tighten up the front header exhaust pipes x4 cap nuts and I don’t want to over tighten the nuts as the studs are only M6 on the nuts and M7 on the cylinder head. Can anyone give any advice on torque settings? I was thinking of tightening the nuts to say 22Nm? I have previous had an exhaust leak from perhaps not tightening nuts enough!

Although there is no specified torque for the exhaust nuts,the manual recommends 10-14Nm for a 6mm flanged nut.I would start there and recheck after a few heat cycles

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Thank you for the response and advice. I will start with 10-14Nm as you suggest and go from there.

I tightened the front exhaust flanged nuts to 8Nm and started the bike this evening, and had no exhaust leaks. Thanks again for the advice.


When I was an apprentice, one of the instructors said “If you don’t know the correct torque spec, do it up until it shears and back it off half a turn”.

He said it with such sincerity, too.

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He was a smart teacher, I’ve used the same technique on numerous occasions and have had no complaints from my customers! Cheers.

Had to look it up in the dictionary. Now I got the joke. :wink: :wink: :+1:

My electrical trade school teacher told us all that the quickest way to test a light socket was to wet your finger and put it in the socket. Unfortunately he was serious and showed us how he did it. It was fun watching OTHER people do it. :joy: :woozy_face:.