VF1000F2 - Front header exhaust pipes - torque settings?

Hi, I am about to tighten up the front header exhaust pipes x4 cap nuts and I don’t want to over tighten the nuts as the studs are only M6 on the nuts and M7 on the cylinder head. Can anyone give any advice on torque settings? I was thinking of tightening the nuts to say 22Nm? I have previous had an exhaust leak from perhaps not tightening nuts enough!

Although there is no specified torque for the exhaust nuts,the manual recommends 10-14Nm for a 6mm flanged nut.I would start there and recheck after a few heat cycles

Thank you for the response and advice. I will start with 10-14Nm as you suggest and go from there.

I tightened the front exhaust flanged nuts to 8Nm and started the bike this evening, and had no exhaust leaks. Thanks again for the advice.