VF1000F2 Lower Centre Cowl

I have been searching for a long while now for a new or new condition lower centre cowl for my VF1000FF2. The part number I need is 64270MB6830ZB. This is the red paint but if someone has it in silver 64270MB6830ZA in new condition I would take it. Can anyone help or point me in a solid direction. All the usual places have been searched as well as some unusual ones. I’m at a bit of a loss now. I have all new plastics for my bike now except for the lower centre cowl and left fairing which I can source at an expensive price. Any help with that would be appreciated as well. Thanks. Aaron

Did you have luck sourcing center cowl

I have a non-new one from my old F2, that is being used as spares for my running f2


Hi Steve. I sent you a personal message on this. Thanks

Hi Aaron

havent recieved any email as yet Try my work email

directly steve.ricketts@hp.com

Thanks Steve. Email sent.