vf1000fe 1984 rear showa shock replacement

vf1000fe 1984 rear showa shock replacement

does any other fit or does someone sell a kit to convert the length say a cbr900 like ?

hi windy,

this item will fit the fe [ebay]171889682623[/ebay] and will probably be cheaper than having a cbr600 shock conversion by www.daughertymotorsports.com

Ive tried converting a few different rear shocks to fit the vf, altering the length isnt a problem… the main problems are that nearly all modern shocks have a far greater travel length than the 47mm of the vf shock, this allows the modern shocks to have a much weaker spring so that damping can be more controlable,

I once tried a zzr1400 rear shock with the standard spring it, it wouldn’t even support the weight of the vf, it bottomed out as soon as i pushed the bike off the centre stand. :frowning:

I second Pete on that one,the YSS Shock is better built than a Hagon and a bargain at £260
Regards Bif

now just save the pennies or sell 2 laptops any takers
want the bike on the road this year :slight_smile:

my brother gave me a fuel pump in Topeka last year exactly the same as the original one in working order so i will replace my other one