VF1000FE (1984) - transmission & gear M2,3

Hi guys,

Sorry to ramble on about the same subject (as my previous post) but I’ve got some contradictory feedback from an NOS supplier in AUS abot my hunt for an ‘M2,3’ gear (23431-MB6-000) for my 1984 FE.

I am pretty sure the part reference I need is 23431-MB6-000, as I looked it up on the CMS site - the transmission schematic they have shows it as item 6 and when you look at that part ref on their site it is indeed 23431-MB6-000.

That schematic is for a 1984 US spec bike though, but I imagine it is the same? Can anybody confirm that for me?

Also my old gear removed from my FE is definitely 19/22T; can anyone just confirm that is correct for an FE? I’m sure you have in my earlier post, but I ask again because the guy in AUS is saying that the Honda microfiche is telling him a 23431-MB6-000 is 19/23T!??? Surely that must be an error??

And still hoping that part 23431-MJ4-00 from an RE is the same as mine and is a 19/22T too?

Help much appreciated as always.

So, this gearbox has now become the hardest part of this engine rebuild, as I’ve hopefully managed to find pretty much all the other parts I needed for the rest of the engine (bits are on their way to me from various sources now, hopefully!).

If I could just get this M2,3 gear sourced, as an NOS or a good used one, I’d be able to get this engine finished, so frustrating. The hunt goes on! Will this bike ever be back on the road?!!



Jon,your Aussie guy is right,the Yanks used 19/23 on the interceptor.
They also had 17/20 on their R models.
I do have a used good condition gear which was earmarked for a job,but looks like your need is more pressing.
PM me to sort a price and shipping costs
Regards Bif

…thanks Bif, I send a PM to you.