Vf1000FE £5 sale!

Tabletop sale to clear! Each of the following £5 each plus postage:

Oil breather tank
Chain adjusters (pair)
Rear wheel axle
Starter motor cable
Rear brake switch and spring
Front brake trac side caliper bracket
Gear lever adjuster rod
Engine bolts x2
Swingarm pins each
Swingarm dogbones each
Rear suspension linkage
Chain slider
Fork top air cap seal
Fork air balance pipe
Stainless front disc bolts both sides
Ignition lock with key
Seat lock with key (same key type as ignition)
Seat catch
Wiring loom bracket


Hi Voycie, I’m all for purchasing the ignition lock, matching seat lock, and seat lock. What about the shipping cost and will you accept Paypal between friends?

Hey. Not a problem. Note the ignition lock seems to have the steering lock bolt jammed in the off position so you’d probably need to soak it to free it up, otherwise the ignition on/off works fine. The seat lock is fine. There are two keys (the same) which both operate the two locks. Let me knownif still good for you and I’ll pack up. Post will be £3.50 with Royal mail and PayPal friends absolutely fine. Send me a message and I’ll get them over to you.