Vf1000FE parts - seat, rear mudguard and battery box

Few extra bits available…

Seat - recovered in white so youd probably want to recover it. Base and foam is fine.

Rear undertray- both sections, not been cut and includes the numberplate light. Ideal if yours has been hacked down

Battery box. Not rusted but has some surface rust but will clean up and paint well

I also still have swingarms, rear shock, headlamp, front sub frame, loom, wheels, forks, tree, loads of other bits just ask

20200314_161452 20200314_161132

Hello Voycie
I am looking for a battery cast top and bottom. I see on your battery box photo you have the bottom plastic case but do you have the top? If yes how much do you want for them?

Hi I am looking for the front subframe that is in reasonable condition, do you still have yours?

sorry Hugh its sold now

Hello Voicy
I am interested int the black plastic inside the battery box. Do you still have it? If yes, How much and how much to ship it to Canada?

Sorry thats been sold. Seems a few people are chasing g those parts now!