VF1000FE rocker arms


I’m fairly new to the forum. I registered a while back but have only recently started work on my bike (an 85’ VF1000FE). I am rebuilding the bike and as part of the process I am having the engine checked over (by someone who knows what they are doing, as alas I’m not that skilled).

Not too unexpectedly the cam lobes were found to have excessive wear; we have managed to solve that issue (and located replacement ones) but the rocker arms look poor too. Does anyone know of a source? Or does anyone have any advice that would help? If replacements are not available can they be repaired??

Apologies if the qustions are not technically sound, as I say I’m no engineer!

Thanks in anticipation of any help.


hi jon,

welcome to the forum, as far as i know there is no source for new rocker arms, however all is not lost,
“SEP Kegworth” can grind off and re-apply a new hard coating to your rockers at a price of around £25/£30 per rocker,
they can also re grind cams £70/£80 per cam.
there is a thread on page three of the shed section titled “cam restoration” which has some more info and pics.

I just checked the rocker arms for a friend, and found 4 used ones ( we bought two ) from Wentsch & Klink in Germany. And six new ones in Lorentz Motorräder, in Germany too.
Good luck.

Thanks very much for the replies guys; apologies for the delay in responding (have been away).

Many thanks for the information on SEP Kegworth Pete, that sounds like the way to go. I’ll be getting in touch with them. And thanks for the info on the German company too dnapekko. Much appreciated.


no problem jon, ive just taken a set of rocker arms into s.e.p for re-coating, they have told me they will be ready in 2 weeks :o… which going on past experience could actually be 2 months as they get really busy. will post some pics up when they return.

…the photos will interesting Pete, thanks.