VF1000FE Starter problem

Hi,Im new to this site and i was wondering if any of the members can help me out with a problem i have.
Yesterday being a tad windy caused my beloved vf1000fe to be blown over.
There was no cosmetic damage but when i tried to start it,the starter motor spun over but not the engine(this has happened once or twice in the past but has always rectified itself soon after),I drained the oil,took off the clutch cover and checked a few things over,the starter clutch cover(the one with 3 bolts )were loose so i nipped them up,there are a couple of teeth missing on the starter gear but this just makes for a noisy starter,but the major prob,that i noticed was with the starter gear,it just spun round and the clutch didnt engage-is this the problem-is it to do with the three weights which cause the clutch to engage [:(]

Hi Trevor,sounds like the starter clutch is goosed.Previous problems may well have been down to three bolts being slack.If it is not engaging at all now and it has teeth missing I would suggest replacing it.We will have one in the store if that is the way you want to go.Regards BIF

Hi Bif,
I’ve just removed the starter clutch and taken it apart,
The springs that push the bob wieghts out have worn/broken off,so that seems to be the cause of the problem -the weights are not gripping the shaft on start up.
so i reckon a new set of springs and weights will solve the problem.(any ideas on suppliers in the uk?)
Also I have managed to get a new starter gear.

Dave Silver is the best supplier of these bits,you can find a link to his site on the UK links section on our homepage.
Regards BIF