Vf1000fe / vf750f slave cylinder differences?

Hi boys,
Does anyone know if the vf1000fe clutch slave is the same as the vf750f.

The part number for the VF1000FE is 22860MB6003.

The part number for the VF750F is 22860MB6003.

If the parts listings can be believed, they are indeed the same.

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The 750 is an MB2 part,also the pistons and seals are different between the two models.The drive sprocket cover is the same so the 750 part will bolt on however the clutch action may well be different

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Thanks for the info Bif.
The bike is riding brilliant since the wheel change ,thanks once again.
However when I bought the bike about 10 years ago or more now it was a dog with most parts in a box or 2.
I couldnt get the slave to operate so I put a 750 on it, since then the clutch has always slipped under full power hard acceleration, I had always wondered why it has been like this and never gotten worse as I thought it would have if the plates were on the way out, I just didnt bother using bags of power , but now it has the better handling I have began to push it a little more and now the clutch is bothering me.
I think with your information I will fit the correct 1000 slave and see where Its at before changing clutch plates.
cheers bif, enjoy the summer.

Im wondering if the750 slave doesnt have the same room for letting the rod release out enough and thats why it slips at full power like I have my fingers just pulling slightly on the lever???

When I find a decent 1000fe slave I will buy ,fit and let you know if it fixed it or I really do need new plates.