VF1000FF forks

Hi all, does anyone have a decent pair of forks or just chrome tubes that they will part with?
Mine are scratched beyond polishing and need them for rego, I am located in Michelago, NSW (about half way between Canberra and Cooma) but will pay postage from anywhere on the eastern states of Australia.
Any help appreciated, Tony

after weeks of looking for a set I re chromed my set and I got to say it was the best thing I could have done[:)]

Thanks Lloyd, I have been trying to avoid re chroming but you may well be right and I may yet have to go down that path. Would love to pick up a pair of s/h forks or even fit a VFR front end complete for the right money.

I was told by my local re chromer that the older forks are stronger as they used better steel than all the Italian copy’s now a days hense the re chrome[:)]

After closer inspection, I may be able to get away with just replacing the right side stanchion if anyone has one, looks like the previous owner tried to take them apart in a vise, deep gouges in the chrome.
Anyone in Australia have one or know where I can locate one?

Hey Tony,
When I have enough spare cash I plan to redo my suspension with parts like this from ASR in Victoria. Don’t know if you are planning to spend this sort of money but may be worth a look - http://www.asr.com.au/fork-legs.html

Hi Aaron, they look great, but would almost double the cost of my VF…Lol.
I may just send them up to Qld to be rechromed yet, around $350 I believe.

There should be somewhere closer than QLD Tony, Try a place that does industrial hard chroming on hydraulic rams and stuff like that.

True, but it seems that the most highly recommended guys are Rad Hard Chroming in Eagle Farm, who are coincidentally are also the cheapest, at $160 per leg if not bent.
I have called just about all hard chroming guys on the eastern seaboard and I am being quoted anywhere from $220 per leg to $380.
Nothing but good feedback for these guys, so good enough for me unless someone has a better suggestion.

[:D]I should keep stoom on forks re chroming but I found a chromer in England and they charged Me £170.00 for both legs including return postage. internet company’s are sometime heavy on price because they think they are the only ones.
Sounds like you need to keep looking.
It took Me 3 Months to find someone on the phone that could describe the full process and she was correct right down to the return date.

Tony, $160 per leg is pretty reasonable brother. Try South west Motorcycle wreckers at Liverpool NSW on 96028999 (tell them you got their number from Paul), they may have a leg. I have in the past swapped different model legs and kept the outer tube from old leg but that was on an old GS550 1977 model many years ago, have you looked into a leg from something else with same dimensions? good luck.

Hi Paul, I have looked at different model legs but the problem is that if I don’t change both legs, then I have anti-dive and air assist on one leg but not the other. I have been looking into the interchangeability of VFR750 forks or CBR600’s as well, but since my self imposed deadline is approaching fast, I may as well get the damaged one re-chromed, register it and then look into improvements down the track.

VFR forks look like thay will be the closest, 41 mm stanchions, 20mm axle, may have to make up a wheel spacer and caliper brackets, but its amazing what can be whipped up on a small lathe and mill. Using just the fork legs means I don’t have to worry about steering stops or different steering head bearings so it makes it that much simpler in my situation.

Lloyd, I agree but since they are the cheapest and best in Oz, I may as well bite the bullet as they say.

Anti dive is only on the left leg on the VF1000F and air on both because it links using a tube between the forks( I fitted new seals on the link pipe)[:)]
I personally think they work very well
it was a bit of a shock to start with.
the original Showa damper on the pro link was not damping so I used a syringe to inject atf oil in just 10ml and its now working good.[:D]
took out the air valve of course first[:)]

You are dead right Lloyd, it is only on the left leg, must be early Alzheimers setting in, another thin I noticed is the enormous spring spacer tube inside the right leg, I didn’t measure it but looks like its about 200mm (8 inches) long! I have had a lot of forks apart over the years but I have never seen spacers this long, did Honda think that using air assist would allow them to use shorter (cheaper) springs? I think the balance tube would cost more to produce than any savings would allow for.
Are there longer springs from another model that allow no air assist and shorter spacers, or am I wasting my time? Probably since I can’t see these forks staying on the bike long term.