VF1000R best way to remove front wheel

I need a new front tyre. I don’t have any special lifting tools so what is the best way to jack up the front safely? Frame cross tube looks good but a bit unstable to lift from there? Trying to not remove any parts like exhaust etc.

I have a normal bike lifter for rear swing arm. Below the engine I place a car lifter (from japanese cars → they have mostly two arms) and some wooden plate. You can lift it so your wheel comes free. Sometimes it feels a little bit unstable. For longer works, I have a frame from wood.



Just like Faxe said but you can shape the wood to sit across the collector or exhaust pipes so that it sits snuggly then depending what jack you use you can try to attach the top to the wood or some nails or screws to stop it moving around on the wood, and this should hold it steady long enough to remove and replace your wheel. Remember you only have to pick up the front far enough to get the axle past the fork tube bottom bolts. I would be building Faxes frame for longer works it looks very stable. Great Idea Faxe :+1: (This means good in Australia)

Thanks for the replies, guys. The frame idea looks to be the best for stability but will probably only use it once. Will look at some points on the frame/ engine for a quick lift.
What about the front lifter that lifts from the steering head - seems super quick and easy - anyone use this type of lifter?

I’ve got a front paddock stand and it works fine.

Hi Gary - are you lifting from the headstock or from the forks?

It lifts from under the headstock with a pin that goes up inside the lower fork clamp. The one I bought is badged up as motogp but looks like a generic front paddock stand and comes with a selection of pins to fit any bike. Is a little awkward to use but once in is very stable. The only problem is you cant adjust the steering head bearings very well as you can’t move the steering once bike is lifted.

Just wondering what Honda used when VF1000R 's were being raced? Obviously a custom front paddock stand to quickly jack up front to change tyre was available to race teams. Anyone know of this device and where it might have lifted from?

I would imagine it would have been similar to the one Gary uses,lifting from under the bottom yoke.
This one keeps the bike very stable for jobs like removing the wheel as it lifts from above the engine