VF1000R brake disc and pads help with sourcing

I have a 1984 VF1000RE and am based in Gloucestershire in the UK.
I am looking for advice on the brakes.
I think I need discs and pads both front and back.
What makes of disc and pad would you recommend?
Also I have seen some stock on front disc (EBC and Brembo upgrade) but non for the rear disc…any advice on where I might source a rear disc?
Thanks in advance.

EBC discs work well on the front,I use EBC HH pads too SBS pads are also good.
I tried to get Brembo discs but the only produce them for the F model no matter what the advert says.
Metalgear produce a replacement rear disc,available on eBay.de
EBC and Brembo do pads for the rear

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Thanks very much, do you use the sintered metal pads?

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the HH pads are sintered metal

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Hi Fry , I am located in eastern Canada . I have a disc to offer for sale (rear disc) as well as many other VF1000R parts . Will ship Worldwide . Feel free to PM me . Cheers :tophat:

Does anybody know what material the standard discs are made from, I assumed steel but was asked by a pad supplier if I had the cast iron discs??

Thanks for your help, looking into a local source first. Will come back if I still have a need. Thanks again

Hi Bif, still to do the brakes and the pads are now worn so now is the time. I have just measured the brake discs and they are about 4.5mm thick. The manual says 4.8mm to 5.2mm with 4mm wear limit, would you change discs or just pads?
Thanks Fry

If the discs are not badly grooved,I would reuse them.