VF1000R-F parts


Sorry to make my first post a for sale one !

But ive just been to my parents looking for my snowboard boots and been told that I have to have a clear out of bits, without checking exactly i have:

fuel tank
front headlight (double one)
seat pegs
side panels
rear seat, cowl and all body work (seat is blue) inc hump
owners manual , wallet
plus other stuff im sure

all parts off a 750 mile bike in great condition but with some storage marks,
i bought these parts in the 90’s and never used them

offers or help with prices please

im off snowboarding and back on the 26th of feb

all parts in birmingham



and the fairing and screen ie i have all the bodywork !

din’t know how i missed that

PM sent

Do you still have the seat cowl? Where are you located? I am just north of San Diego California.

                Thanks, Jeff

Hey, do you have the front twin headlamps?? I’m in KY USA.