VF1000R gear pedal

I am looking for a good condition, straight gear pedal for my UK 1984 VF1000RE.
I believe the gear pedal is the same for ‘85 & ‘86 also.
Can anyone help out?

The bike fell off it’s stand today while on a very slight incline causing damage to fairing, gear pedal, exhaust and clutch lever…gutted!


Two wheel spares have one up on ebay,item number 313577039122

Thanks for your help, I had seen the broken one on ebay but not this one, thanks

The levers can be “repaired” and made easily repaired for any future mishaps. Cut off the post for the rubber and drill a hole.


I did a version of this with a button head hex.


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That’s a good idea, I can maybe angle the rubber to give a bit more clearance between side stand and gear pedal as well. I think I might see if I can find another damaged pedal and experiment as mine is still useful at the moment.