Vf1000r headlight Question

I have the 1985 with the rectangular light and I want to replace it with the twin headlight. What I am wondering is if the mounting bracket is different between the 2 headlights or if it’s the same. I have see. The part lists and it seems to be the same but I am not sure. Thanks

Hi fedon, its different. The same brackets are used on the bol dor as the R. I did this change last year and it looks much better but i had to make brackets, the ones i made point the headlamp a little low but not too much so have left it as it is. Ive been looking for correct brackets on ebay for a year now but non have been on uk ebay. Someone should be able to give you the correct dimensions, its only a right angle bracket so hole distances from bend are all you need to know. Good luck, it will be worth it in the end.


Thanks for your reply it helped a lot as I could not find info on this anywhere.

If the Bol D’or (F2) bracket is the same, I have a spare.

I am interested in it. How much would you sell it ?

Actually the spare part you have. From which F2 bol dor is it ? I want the bracket for the twin headlight. I read at an article that the bol dor came with a second light just like the vf1000r did. I only want the twin headlight bracket…

The Bol came with a twin headlight for most of Europe but the Italians got the single headlight.
The BolDor headlight bolted directly to the upper fairing mount,the R requires two right angle brackets to mount.
Also consideration has to be given to the headlight power supply,the single runs through the handlebar switch but the twin is operated by two relays.The wiring for these is integral to the harness so a small sub loo is the best way around the problem.
Regards Bif

Free to a good home! The only catch, it’s coming from Australia, so you’ll have to cover postage. PM me for details.

An Australian F2. It has the twin headlight. You can see a front on photo in the forum photos, under the heading ‘Bol D’or completes lap of Phillip Island’. BTW, the bracket I’m offering is not from this bike, I have a spare from an identical bike.