VF1000R Honda France Racing

A couple of photos of my 1984 VF1000R HFR. This is no.22 of 300 built with the extra decals etc. Not sure how many are still around.


That’s a great looking bike, you don’t tend to see many of the HFR ones about :+1:

Was it like that from the factory? Meaning if it’s some kind of special edition.

This was a basic VF1000RE that had some stripe decals on the fairing plus HFR decals on the front mudguard, rear cowl and both sides of lower fairing, put on apparently at the factory. Usual decals on the tank etc are all in French obviously. Apparently 300 were made for sale in France but the reasoning behind this marketing ploy I am not sure of.
Anyway I think the stripes are a nice touch and look good.

Very nice bike. You all oversea got all the special VF1000R down there. In the USA we didn’t have that option for the special paint options and we were lucky to get the VF1000R for the 2 years from 1985 to 1986.

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